KUCCPS Course Revision 2020/2021 Guide and Cut Off Points

Kuccps courses revision 2020/2021 guide and cut off points

 The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service Kuccps has announced First Revision of Degree and Diploma Choices for the 2020/2021 Placement. Candidates who sat for their Kcse exams for the year 2019 can now revise their courses and cluster points on Kuccps student portal website.
The KUCCPS online application portal is now open for the 2020/2021 placement to institutions of higher learning. 

 How to Revise KUCCPS  University Courses 2020

Application Guidelines

To apply, login to the Student’s Portal using your KCSE Index Number and KCSE Year. Use your Birth Certificate Number/KCPE Index Number as the Password. All programmes have minimum subject requirements. You will only be able to apply for a course whose minimum requirements you meet, but the selection will be determined by the overall performance and the available capacity. You may view the available programmes and their requirements by clicking the Programmes tab in the portal. You can also search for courses by institution, using the Institutions tab. As you select the programmes, you may move the ones that interest you into the Course Basket. This will enable you to work with a shorter list when preparing your final list of courses to apply for. Once you have settled on your preferred courses, you will only be required to enter the Programme Codes. To apply, use the Application/Revision tab to enter the Programme Codes. After confirming that the Programme Codes entered are for the courses you would like to apply for, please submit and follow the application fee payment instructions.An application processing fee is charged as follows: Students applying for the first time – Ksh 1,500Students revising their choices submitted in school – Ksh1,000 The placement processing fee should be paid after you have selected courses.You are advised to keep your transaction code safely. It will be required before you make any subsequent changes to your application. 

How to Pay

  1. Go to your Lipa na M-PESA Menu
  2. Select Pay Bill
  3. Enter Business Number 820201
  4. For the Account Number, enter your KCSE Year and KCSE Index Number (no space)
  5. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send.

Are you facing challenges with the Kuccps revision of course choices? Kuccps officers have been stationed in various institutions across Kenya to provide assistance. Find them in the following institutions between Monday, January 29, 2020 and Saturday, February 3, 2020.

  1. Kabarak University (Nakuru Town Campus) – Nakuru
  2. Kenya Coast Polytechnic – Mombasa
  3. Coast Institute of Technology – Voi
  4. Weru Technical Training Institute – Malindi
  5. Nyeri National Polytechnic – Nyeri
  6. Meru National Polytechnic – Meru
  7. University of Embu – Embu
  8. Eldoret National Polytechnic – Eldoret
  9. Maasai Mara University – Narok
  10. Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology – Nyahururu
  11. Kitale National Polytechnic – Kitale
  12. Baringo Technical College – Baringo
  13. Laikipia University (Maralal Campus) – Maralal
  14. Sigalagala National Polytechnic – Kakamega
  15. Alupe University College – Busia
  16. Uzima University College – Kisumu
  17. Kisii University – Kisii
  18. North Eastern National Polytechnic – Garissa
  19. Wote Technical Training Institute – Makueni
  20. Tseikuru Technical Training Institute – Mwingi

 Please note that the revision is entirely done online. You do not have to visit the Placement Service offices to apply.Candidates should login to the portal, view the available courses, choose those that they qualify for and apply.
The Placement Service officers only provide guidance and technical assistance where necessary.

First Revision of university Courses – Kuccps

 The Placement Service Board held its 28th meeting on 17th January, 2020 to discuss the 2020/2019 placement of Government-sponsored students to Universities and Colleges.

KUCCPS second revision

Candidates who will not have qualified on competitive selection for any of their preferred choices during the first round of selection will be given a chance to do second revision by selecting courses with unfilled capacities.


These loans are for students joining public or private universities within the East African Community directly from high school either through the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) or as self-sponsored. Amounts awarded range between Kshs.40,000 minimum and Kshs.60,000 maximum based on the level of need. The loan attracts interest of 4% p.a and the students are required to repay their loans on completion of their studies. Students are advised to apply at least one month before the opening date to allow ample time for processing.

Type of Loan Application

There are two types of undergraduate loan applications:

  • First Time Application-This is for applicants who are applying for the first time.
  • Second & Subsequent Application-This is for applicants who are applying for a second, third, fourth time as per the program duration

The number of loans one is eligible for depends on the program duration i.e. one is given loan 4 times for a 4 year program.

Application guide

Management of HELB Loans

Students are advised that the loans should be used mainly for:

  • Tuition,
  • Books and stationery,
  • Accommodation and subsistence.

Students are advised to desist from diverting the funds to leisure or other family obligations.

Loan Award

The loan awarded ranges from a minimum of Ksh.40, 000 and a maximum of Ksh.60, 000.
For those placed by Kenya University and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), the loan amount is split to cater for both Tuition fee and Upkeep while the Self sponsored students, the money is sent directly to the university once a year as tuition fees.
A standard amount of Ksh4, 000 for Government sponsored students only is deducted from the loan awarded and disbursed to the university per semester for tuition [total Ksh8, 000] and the rest is sent to the applicant’s bank account as upkeep.
An Administrative Fee of Ksh500 per year is charged on the loan awarded and it is therefore deducted from the disbursed loan.
A limited number of needy government sponsored students receive bursary of between Ksh4, 000 and Ksh8, 000 per year. The Bursary is paid to the university.


  • A copy of the Applicant’s national ID Card
  • Copies of the parents national ID Cards/death certificate where the parent is deceased
  • Copies of both guarantors’ national ID Card
  • A copy of the applicant’s admission letter and KCSE result slip/certificate
  • A copy of the applicant’s Bank ATM/Bank card (for Government sponsored students only)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Smart Card from the institution
  • One recent colored passport size photograph of the applicant.

Repaying your Student Loan

Undergraduate loan repayment starts within one year of completion of studies or within such a period as the Board decides to recall the loan whichever is earlier. However, you can make voluntary payments before or after you complete your studies to reduce your loan balance.


  • Loans are charged 4% interest per annum
  • Loan repayment commences one year upon completion of studies or as deemed fit by HELB.
  • The loan is repayable up to a maximum of 120 months.

Apply Now

Submission of UG Loan Application Forms

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