Landlords From Hell Using Human Feces To Evict Nairobi Tenants

If you thought everyone had the best holiday and Christmas festive season this 2017, you might be forgiven if you have not read this story.

Ocean Park Apartment in Langa'ata, Nairobi

Tenants in an estate located in Lang’ata area, Nairobi had a difficult time when their landlord used human waste to evict them from their houses with force.

This started after Joseph Kagwatha who owns the disputed premise Ocean Park Apartment went on vengeance mission after the tenants had opposed his bid to raise house rent from Ksh.25,000 to 30.000.

Tenants were rescued from the rent increase when they moved for a court order. But the owner of the premise is said to have hired goons who went on to pour raw human waste on Sunday, Christmas Eve, at around 7.30pm.

This is not the first time human feces have been used during a conflict.

When NASA and its followers wanted to use Jakaranda grounds in Embakasi, Nairobi, Nairobi county under the watch of governor Mike Sonko are said to have moved first and served the grounds with more human raw sewage. This was just a month ago.

Even though this kind of biological warfare proves worthwhile for the users, it is a health hazard for the unfortunate victims.



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