Lilian Muli Posts An Advise To Couples Who Wish To Stay In An Everlasting Relationship

Citizen RV superb anchor Lilian Muli has thrown some advise to those Kenyan couples who wish to stay long in love relationships.

Lillian Muli and friend

Even though she has been camping at coast during the lost holiday she is enjoying, Lilian hs always been on the news arena.

Lilian has already divorced with her hubby and right now she is currently single despite romours that she has been dating an unknown man.

Check out her message below.

“My mama always says you can’t live your life playing police to someone.

He or she who gives you a reason to doubt them is not the one for you.

If the minute you are out of sight they are chasing skirts or pants then they best be gone! Personally i can’t be with someone who gives me reason not to trust them.

Too many good; well brought up men and women out here so stop wasting your time on uncultured characters they deserve to sit with their cheap type you are too expensive for that kind of shady association.”

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