List Of Sexiest Men Alive Award Winners From 2009 – 2019

For at least 34 years , The People Magazine has been ranking every year the sexiest man alive.

The award dubbed Sexiest Man Alive has grown to be such a coveted award by male celebrities across the world.

The US based magazine last three decade awards has drawn celebs from across the globe in all racial denominations

Here is the latest list from 2009 to 2019.

2019 – John Legend (Musician, USA)

2018-Idris Elba (Actor , London)

2017 – Blake Shelton (Musician, USA)

2016 – (Actor , USA)

2015 – David Beckham (Footballer, UK)

2014 – Chris Hemsworth (Actor, Australia)

2013 – Adam Levine (Musician, USA)

2012- Channing Tatum (Actor, USA)

2011 – Bradley Cooper (Actor, USA)

2010 – Ryan Reynolds (Actor, Canada)

2009 – Johnny Depp (Musician, USA)

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