Lovy Logomba ‘Heals’ A Blind Woman

One of the logombas kings of African fusion music, has cause a stir in news headlines. The music unit had left the country for states over the need to advance their career.

Nowhere have they been in limelight than tLovy Longombahe ‘vuta pumzi’ piece of song. Since then, the unit have never been heard apart from announcing the release of new songs such as Queen and What You Like.

But Lovy has made bizarre news, He seems to have a gift of prophesy. And here is what happened.

Check out some of them.

The church posted three videos of Lovy Longomba praying for an elderly woman who claims she had eyesight problems and at the end of the prayers, she gets healed.

The woman, identified as Lucy Zavala said

“They told me there was no cure. No cure at all. Any my eyes has been going less and less but now I can see more. What can I say? I don’t even know what I can say. All I can say is, wonderful, wonderful! And everybody should believe because I do. I believe.”


Check out the videos of the prayer session that led to the healing of Lucy Zavala.


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