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Meet Kenya Stevens, Living Together With Husband And Boyfriend In Polyamory Marriage

A publication by a woman who appears alongside two men is dividing opinions on social media. However, what most caught the attention of Internet users was not the photo of the woman and the two men, but rather, due to the fact that one of the men, one being her husband and the other her lover.

The woman was identified as Kenya Stevens, who resides in the United States. According to the young woman, the two men are the loves of her life and she lives with them in the same house in ‘peace and harmony’.

Kenya reported that the love she feels for the two is the same. Through a post she detailed a little of her life with her husband and lover.

Kenya is the mother of two children, one of the husband and the other of the lover. In a photo the woman appears beside the two men, everyone is smiling.

“The boys have fun. Here I am and my two life partners. One is a body that loves the other one is a love of the mind. Both are six feet tall and have beards. We all wear glasses. One is a gentleman from the south, the other is a cunning northerner. We live together and get along very well. I am raising both children and both are in college, ”said the woman.

In the United States, this type of relationship is illegal and can suffer consequences, such as a fine and in more serious cases, the trio can be arrested. According to the law of the country, the family is committing a crime.

Another similar case happened to a woman identified as Tory Ojeda, 20 years old. The woman reported that she lives with her husband and three lovers. Tory said that her family does not approve of their relationship. “My family disapproves of my relationship with them. Polyamory is clearly a rare thing, ”said the woman.


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With Hubbies

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