Ministry of Agriculture Massively Hiring

Ministry of Agriculture massively hiring 

See below with Salary approximations on monthly basis 

1.Animal Husbandry Assistant – Salary Ksh.32K
2.Drivers – Salary Ksh.30K
3.Security Guards-Salary 28K (Min.Requiremen KCSE D+)
4.Plumber – Salary Ksh.30K
5.House Keeper- Salary Ksh.29K (Min.Requiremen KCSE D)
6.Cooks – Salary 30K
7.Electricians – Salary 40K
8.Clerks- Salary 32K (Minimum Requirement KCSE C-)
9.Office Admin-Salary 37K (Min. Requirement KCSE C-)
10.Lab Technicians – Salary 39K
11.Library Assistant – Salary 41K

More details 

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