Ministry of Health Recruiting COVID-19 Volunteers

The Novel nCov19 (COVID-19) pandemic has had an impact on a global scale and is currently touching on every aspect of our lives as Kenyans.

As countries continue to deal with the pandemic, we have seen the crucial and very important need of having a volunteer response team to help with mitigation efforts, at national and county levels, to contain the spread of the disease and in managing those already affected. 

In this regard, the Ministry of Health Kenya, is calling upon Kenyans of goodwill, organizations and partners to support the country’s efforts in managing the pandemic as front-line and back-line volunteers, for the various activities that the government is putting in place to respond to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Volunteers ….

  1. Advertisement for the Position of Clinical Officer
  2. Advertisement for the Position of Clinical Psychologist
  3. Advertisement  for the Position of Nursing Officer
  4. Advertisement for the Position of Public Health Officer
  5. Terms & Conditions for COVID-19 Volunteers
  6. Announcement for recruitments of volunteers to support COVID-19
  7. Covid-19 Response Registration form

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