MKU Starts Station Where Students Will Be Doing Exercises

The head of that school Prof Simon Gicharu said that   it is the important decision the school has taken and it will assist many people  physically.

 “We understand well that that person who is maintaining exercise gets good health  and avoiding many types of diseases in the body.”said Prof Gicharu.

He said that this is one of the biggest development is to be satisfied with of which the school has done maintaining students health and all the workers.

“Our school has got good reputation maintaining sports because  many students  are participating  in different type of sports.

 He said that he is congratulating Dr  Peter Kariri who introduced that idea so that student may benefit with exercises.

According to the research the body stays in good condition more so when it is used to exercise of 3 hours and 3 day per week. Said Prof  Gicharu.

 The assistant VC  of the school  Prof Deogratius Jaganyi said it is being planned  this way  soon at MKU   in Kigali  at Rwanda.

 He said MKU also is increasing their studies  of media using he station of  Tv-47 and Royaal FM  Radio  of Rwanda.

He said that the school is getting satisfied of two student who got sponsors according to their effort to work.

Mr Christopher Mwanza Arunga  got sponsorship of  Sh.3.6 million to invent the machine which makes livestock’s feeds in Kakamega county.

He gave the students challenge that they should be creative so that they may also receive the sponsorship.

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