Mohammed Ali Rebuked After Reality Check

Mohammed Ali, at one point was one of the most trusted Kenyans.

Kenyans would skip police OBs just to report to Mohammed Ali so as justice to be served in required time.

It is on this ground that Mohammed Ali won the seat of Nyali MP.

Kenyans hope of Jicho Pevu going ahead in the parliament are meant to be disappointed since the investigative journalist has become like the other political cadres we know.

Immediately after elections, he promised to work with some of the subjects he had exposed in his critical series, one of them was President Uhuru Kenyatta who he claimed stole the 2013 general elections.

A quick spot check at his social media account reveals that the former KTN no nonsense reporter has been making scrap remarks to Kenyans who sought to question his mode of leadership.

Just like the likes of Moses Kuria, Babu Owino and Mike Sonko will reply, one would read no difference with Mohammed Ali.

For instance






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