Nairobi Gambler Dies After Winning A Bonus Bet

A youth gentleman was found dead in Nairobi’s South C estate after winning a big soccer better on Thursday The man identified only as Bomoka is said to have headed straight to a chang’aa den after winning a windfall bet of sh.35, 000.After winning the bet, his close friends alleged that the deceased headed to Kibera slum where his love for the bottle saw him spent a great deal of his time that made him even unable to report to his normal duties at work.

Nairobi Gambler Dies After Winning A Bonus Bet
Nairobi Gambler Dies After Winning A Bonus Bet

Other prospective and potential drinkers who followed him to prey on his bet said that he drunk all his bonanza before falling asleep on a railway line.

His body was discovered in his house on 13th March.

Police are yet to establish what exactly killed him.

The late Bomoka comes from Vihiga County.

Gambling has recently become a major soccer activity in Kenya especially on the football fanatics who place bets as low as sh.10 or even much lower for their favorites or presumed teams to try and predict a match outcome.

Gamblers are awarded as much as tens of millions of shillings through jackpots or either win subsequent bonuses.

Betting has proven to be an emerging issue among the youths especially those still taking their university education across the country with some parents and guardians raising an alarm to the government and try and regulate it.

In some other countries like UK, soccer gamblers have been restricted the number of games they can place a bet and also the number of days and times one can place a bet

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