Nairobi Good Samaritan Proud After Rescuing A Street Boy

When Wanja Mwaura met a street boy only identified as Mr.Hinga, he was in a pool of rusty litters, with his head messed with drug abuse.

Wanja Mwaura and chokora (Hinga)

She never said hi and moved on, the man he was looking at was his former classmate, she never late the abused drugs win the battle.

Today, she feels proud, little did she know that her acts of compassion won so many hearts on social media when she shared photos which went viral.

Wanja Mwaura and exx chokora (Hinga)

Wanja is a true living testimony of what Jesus teaches Christians in the new testament. Her acts actually have inspired so many.

“Hinga’s week 5 at retreat rehab centre


Today i went visiting hinga at the rehab. He’s doing much better and really focused. His will power to overcome drug addiction is encouraging. All glory and honor belongs to god.”

Wanja Mwaura and ex chokora (Hinga)


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