Nairobians Being Fed With Marabou Meat Disguised As ‘Chicken Meat’

From today, you will know that if that meat tastes like chicken meat, it is not always chicken. A disturbing revelation has indicated that crocked hoteliers from hell are feeding Nairobions with Marabou meat often sold inform of ‘Chicken Meat’

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The birds are notoriously hunted at Dandora dumpsite located in Dandora slum area, they are then prepared by these crooked men and women in Korogocho slum before they are supplied to various hotels in the Nairobi city hotels.

A piece would go for about Sh.10 while the full package would only coast Sh.300.

The meat is a health hazard bearing in mind the bird is a scavanger loosely referred to as ‘Undertaker’ and it is a good agent of transmitting disseases and pollutants.

Health officers have warned those in the ilegal business who risk being arrested andcharged befoe the court.

Meanwhile, remeber that if tstes like Chicken meat, it is not always the case.

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