Kenyan Launches VIPI App For ‘Xaxa Generation’ Hook-Up

This Y generation era is addicted to dating apps! Ask anyone between the ages of 18-35, meet-up, hookups, dating has become the easy and normal way to meet people.


The dating apps have become a self-perpetuating cycle, since everyone is using them, it’s hard for you as an individual to avoid them. That however, doesn’t mean all dating apps are created equal, only few apps meet user expectations.

VipiApp happens to be the few around that’s a cut above the rest. First off, the app is basically an instant messaging app just like any other messaging app on your phone but it further includes a discovery option for meeting people around you.

You can set the radius to which you wish to discover new people or neighbors or during an event or in church or in the club or so many or’s.

As with many interfaces, you ‘like’ the person you like, anonymously, they ‘like’ you back…then you get ‘matched’ and can now converse.

The discovery settings allow other users to find you, unlike other similar apps that allow any user to invite you, here you only get to get an invite from only the people who you’re interested and set a few preferences regarding who you see.

Then the real fun begins. VipiApp has around 500 quiz questions that you get to answer before you and your match meet up.

VipiApp premise is pretty clean and simple, actually, it  has one of the best user interfaces of any dating app around. So setting up your profile and getting maximum enjoyment from it is a guarantee!! And the only profile information that will be shared publicly will be your user name, work industry and your avi.

There you have it, the new dating App on the block! You should be on Google Play downloading it by now!



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