Pastor Kanyari ‘Heals’ A Man With ‘Mammary Breasts’

Pastor Victor Kanyari, not again, was seen on social media praying for a man who was believed to have ‘growing breasts’.

Preacher Victor Kanyari with the 68 year-old man. PHOTO | COURTESY

Pastor Kanyari noted that the man said the breasts had grown to a point of producing even milk.

The believer who sort divine intervention had traveled all the way from Ukmabani to Kanyari’s church in Nairobi, He was a 68 year old widower with 4 kids.

It is believed that the man confessed evil spirits were having sex with him, making him grow abnormal organs to a  man.

Pastor Kanyari was back then exposed by Jicho Pevu production as a rogue pastor who preyed on unsuspecting believers.

Jicho Pevu showed that Pastor Kanyari was lying to his believers that he could cure anything including aids.


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