Police Attack On Wanjigi’s House Reveals Mystery Of Uhuru-Raila Deal In 2013

Do you remember the picture we have used to feature in this articles? Yes this picture will always remain in the hearts of many Kenyans because it actually shows that politicians fight before the media and eat behind the scenes leaving the unsuspecting citizen continue fighting for their leaders.

Businessman home siege has revealed so much about this picture. That is was actually Jimmi Wanjigi who called on the two to soften their stands and stand for the common citizen.

When the 2013 election petition ruled in favor of Uhuru Kenyatta, Jimmi had to play his part, bring Uhuru and Raila together.

Jimmi Wanjigi narrates the lobby process as below

“This current regime of Uhuru Kenyatta know my home. It is a home they have visited and shared meals with my family. In fact, their government was formed in this home.”

“In the last general election in 2013, it is in this home that Baba (Mr Odinga) agreed to come to shake hands with Uhuru Kenyatta after the Supreme Court had upheld his election,” he said.

“It is here that a peace direction was accepted and a progress forward to Uhuru’s own acceptance of leadership in 2013. It is in this same home that the same regime has come to desecrate.”

“Jimmy Wanjigi is no stranger to President Uhuru Kenyatta. I’ve been with Uhuru Kenyatta in this residence. And we had a very long discussion with him here hosted by Jimi Wanjigi. in this residence,” said Mr Odinga.

“And if they can do that to some of us who live in these suburbs, it must be frightening to think what is happening to the ordinary mwananchi,” he said.

Story courtesy of NMG

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