Political Student From Laikipia University Wants ‘Supreme Court’ To Nullify Election

Ken Kipngeno, a student who is also a young upcoming politician has moved to the school’s supreme court to seek election nullified after he noted that the move by election officials to vote denied him a chance to his victory.

The petition which was launched against February 9, 2018 election results seeks to nullify the election of Joe Karani who won by a one-vote margin with Karani scooping 10 while second placed Kipngeno getting 9 of the total votes cast.

“I am appealing the elections held at Laikipia University on February 9, 2018 since the electoral commission conducting the elections was not fair. The chairman of the commission declined to vote and this was uncalled for. The election was a scam,” Kipngeno lamented.

Electoral commission chairman Edwin Odero thinks that the said and disputed elections were held according to the varsity’s election laws.

“As a commission we are given the mandate to come up with suitable way that will break vote ties as it happened in the students’ chairperson and deputy chairperson in the concluded elections. This forced the commissioners to vote but I declined to do so since we were eight and there was a need to have an odd number,” Odero said.


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