President Uhuru’s Remarks In Kikuyu Dialect Goes Viral

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s remarks he made in his own local language, Kikuyu have gone viral

The head of state was caution the  Agriculture Secretary Mwangi Kiunjuri and officials at the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) over poor handling of farmers money.

President Uhuru Kenyatta warned the government officials over paying wealthy farmers who were mere brokers rather than paying the small scale farmers who relied on their farms for a living.

“Mungiriha nimukuona inyui (if you attempt to pay, you will see the consequences),” furious Mr Kenyatta told Mr Kiunjuri in Gikuyu at the Nairobi ASK Show.

He also warned the government officials to try and prioritize local farmers than cartels who import maize from neighboring countries.

We know it is the people at the NCPB, who instead of paying farmers that toiled on their farms for maize to sell in order to educate their children, went and paid a few wealthy individuals and traders and ran out of money to pay the hardworking farmers,” complained President Kenyatta.

President Uhuru in his last remarks swore that cartels will not be given any money.

“I promise you and I swear before God, you try that again and I promise you will see what is going to happen to you, said the President.

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