Pros And Cons Of Eyebrow Hair Removal With Thread

This method of hair removal has become very popular among women. If you are thinking of trying it to eliminate the extra hairs on your eyebrows, check what its pros and cons are.

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How is it done?

As the name says, a cotton thread is used, rolled at two ends, to remove the hair from the follicle (weakening it). Experts in this technique require practice to do it correctly and quickly.

Balance pros and cons


One of its pros is that, unlike tweezers or wax, does not imply great contact with the skin, so it does not usually irritate.


It depends on your pain threshold and how your hair is. In case the hair is very thick, the expert in hair removal will have to pull the thread with greater force.

Risk of infection

When extracting the hair from the follicle, there is a risk that the latter is infected by bacteria, viruses or fungi and causes folliculitis, ie white granites around one or more follicles, and in severe cases, cause hair loss and scarring.


It depends a lot on the degree of experience of the person doing it. In good hands, there is less chance of plucking excess hairs or negatively altering the shape of the eyebrows, as it might be when using wax.

No one escapes

The margin of error of a hair burying is minimal; In addition, it allows you to remove even the tiniest.

Remember that the eyebrows are the frame of your eyes, go for the method that works best for you and adjust to what you are looking for.



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