Pst.Burale- I Will Need 10 Certificates Of Good Conduct For My Daughter’s Marriage

Celeb pastor Robert Burale is changing the lanes to parenting with her 13 years old daughter using social media.

MAY my Shoulders be strong ENOUGH to always support you As you stand on my shoulders May you see far Sometimes when you feel my knees buckling …it's not the Holy Spirit but the battles to stand strong for you The Thorns pricking my feet as I try to stand Firm When you hear me gasp for breath …it's because the arrows directed at you are hitting my abdomen as I use my hands to lift you high "Dad why are your hands very hard and rough?" Well Fatherhood requires toil at times to make sure you sleep comfortable …Rough hands are my badge of honor .. May The Good Lord give me Long life to see you become Great in The Land ..Beyond Borders ..And to the Great Woman who gave birth to you .Thank you for raising a great daughter …God bless you On This Father's day …I pledge to continue doing Fatherhood as the Almighty Graces me . TO ALL THE FATHER'S OUT THERE ..HAPPY FATHER'S DAY @conniealuoch Thank you for a great shoot ..Always the Best THE COACH

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Pst. Burale who divorced his wife, is championing for parenting responsibility, with sensitization on kids so that they do not feel the gap left from the either parent.

The fashion critic and TV commentator parted ways with wife, when the daughter was just two years old!

“As the father, it would have been easier for me to disown the child, disappear and let the mother do everything. But I believe parenting is presence, impartation and impact. To a girl, her father is the first love,” he said

He worries about the man who will marry her daughter based on the love and care he channels to the girl.

Whoever dates my daughter will be in trouble. I will need certificates of good conduct up to his 10th generation,, he says 



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