Ruth Rono Awarded With Government Parastatal Job After Her Disturbing Poverty Story Went Viral

Ruth Chemutai Cherono has been awarded with a plum job courtesy of
 Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

Days after her story went public, she received various job offers, atleast 20 of them but decided to settle for a government parastatal job courtesy of the energy regulatory body, ERC.

For the last four years, the First Class Honours who graduated from Chuka University with a degree in Economics and Statistics  has been hunting for job without success.

Youth Village Kenya had featured this lady’s story, we wish her all the best

Ruth Jemutai Rono, who graduated from Chuka University in 2015 with a First Class Honours Degree in science, economic and statistics will be flown to Nairobi and awarded with a HR job opportunity after her disturbing story was shared on media few days ago.

She will receive a monthly pay of Ksh.30,000, 6 months fully paid house thanks to Seven Meals Limited, an NGO firm headquartered in Utawala that deals in economic empowerment.

Her story was once that made many Kenyans fight back tears while listening to her teeth biting struggles after graduation.

She was forced to come back home at Leibatai, Baringo county after their dad chased away everyone from home and set ablaze their ownly house.

Rono accounts that everyone flew home and sought refuge elsewhere since they could no longer trust their wild father.

Life, has been looking after her three siblings, feeding them and ensuring they have shelter and food , however little it is, but enough to sail them to see tomorrow.

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