How To Say NO To A Guy Without Hurting

He has made illusions or is going too fast for you, or is simply that now you do not feel like having sex with him. Sometimes we complicate our lives in relationships with partners trying to go around so they do not seem so abrupt, but rough or not, you have to be clear. The best way to say no to a guy is by saying NO.

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No means no

Do not eat your head with obsolete myths about women. Surely you have heard that it is very complicated to know when a woman means NO and that we must learn to interpret our signals. But when it comes to having sex or not having sex there are no ambiguities that are worth: NO is NO, more clear can not be left.

Do not think that you do not have the right to simply say NO, that you are obliged to be tactful about something as personal as your sexual desire or that you should give some explanation with which the boy is satisfied. If you want to give an explanation, you can do it, but it is not necessary. With a NO should be enough and, if that is not enough, do not try to understand why that boy is not worth it.

Sex is to enjoy it and to live it freely and that means you only have to do it when you feel like it and if you have the opportunity, but never to please your partner, so your boy does not get angry or to make him happy, because that’s what he calls it emotional blackmail. Sex requires desire and without desire in this life there is nothing to do, if at all go to work.
How to say No to a boy

We insist that nothing happens to say that NOT without more, but if you want to let him know otherwise you do not feel like sex, it points our advice:

1. I do not feel like it now. It turns out that now you do not want a break, you may want to later, but it is not safe. What is certain is that no matter how hard you insist, you will not fall from the sky.

2. Do not annoy me. Do not let him manipulate or blackmail you by saying that you no longer like or do not pay attention. The effort in the couple is to support one another, not to satisfy all the needs of the other.

3. There is no problem. Make it clear that there is no problem of couple, only now you do not want. Do not even let me suggest that you’re being unfaithful and that’s why you do not want sex with him. Beware of jealousy and manipulation.

4. You can do it yourself. It is true that needs must be alleviated, but he can do it himself. Suggest that you practice loving self-help because you are not working now.

But always remember that you do not have to put up with your boy insist and get heavy with the subject of sex. And if it happens regularly, reconsider the basis of your relationship.



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