Scholarships For Kenyan Students 2017 From March

Are you looking for a lucrative scholarship that will help you advance your educational level, here is  Goldman Sachs Technology Apprenticeship Degree scholarship

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Goldman Sachs Technology Apprenticeship Degree

Since we are sharing and caring Goldman Sachs Technology Apprenticeship Degree: A 4yr degree apprenticeship program will allow participants to earn a salary whilst they complete an Apprenticeship within GS Technology Division

Whilst studying at Queen Mary University London. Participants will graduate with a BA in Digital Software Solutions. With opportunity of a full time position at Goldman Sachs.

A fee-free alternative to traditional University University Tuition Fees: Paid by GS Apprenticeship: Paid Deadline: Feb 26th 2017 Eligibility: students starting autumn 2017 Feel free to share .

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