Scientists Find Juice No Longer ‘Juicy’

A group of researchers at the National Jewish Health has just published an article in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that overturns the high esteem we had over juices. The study is an attempt to remove some of the confusion surrounding nutrition issues, which led them to examine previous research on various fad diets in an attempt to look for any sign of real benefit.

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They explain that a large part of this research is based on the “evidence” of only one study, at most two. This means that the results have not been proven enough times to be taken for an absolute truth. Others are based on industry-funded studies, which implies that they are likely to be biased (remember what happened to sugar, where scientists had been bribed by industry).

As expected, given their field of study, cardiologists focused on the effects of fad diets on heart health. However realistic, if your diet is bad for the heart, can we say that it is healthy for your overall health?
Natural juices: water, sugar and a minimum of vitamins

The natural juices were chosen for their great presence in multiple diets. The fact is that when we extract the juice of a fruit, we eliminate much of the healthy fiber that it contains. So basically, what we are doing is drinking water with sugar and a few vitamins. It would actually be a lot healthier if we ate some carrots or apples directly than put them in the blender.

According to Keith Ayoob of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ABC News: “There are many good things about fruit that are impossible to get in the juice. Remember that our gut is a great juicer, it only works more slowly. It is better to let our teeth and digestive tract do their job and not forget that the fiber present in fruits and vegetables is essential for a healthy diet.



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