Speaker Lusaka Gifts Musician Who Campaigned For Him With An Old Fashioned Second Hand Car

Bungoma-based musician Sammy Mang’ara received an old fashioned second hand car from a prominent politician and Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka.

The Toyota 110 car is not only rusty, but looks to break down from time to time. What baffle so many is the fact that the young man composed a nationwide song which catapulted the Ken Lusaka to win Bongoma Gubernatorial seat and fetched alot of votes for the Jubilee duo Uhuru Kenyatta and Wiliam Ruto.

Instead of offering the young man with such a wasted car that should have been rather disposed off to obtain spare-parts, they should have focused on his dream, open for him a recording studio and give him capital. Infact this is the man’s dream.

But offering such a car will earn a publicity stunt for Lusaka, and hide his corruption cases.

But if the man had asked for a car, Lusaka has got money, a brand new car would cost Lusaka just 1 million shillings, which is not too much for the veteran politican who has been in the government decades




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