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Shock As Rogue Hotel Cleaners Use Toilet Brushes On Guest Glasses

A shocking authentic video has sent Twitter into a meltdown after it was verified that rogue cleaners of high end hotels in China were using toilet brush to clean brushes and toilet basin.

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The video which is disturbing, shows the cleaners use directly a toilet brush from the basin and clean it one on one with a glass that guests were supposed to use as ‘cleaned’.

Another cleaner uses a towel to dry glasses and immediately uses the same towel to clean toilet basin without washing it or cleaning it either.

The trend is the same in other hotels filmed in the saga as the rogue cleaners continue to use toilet tools with utensils and other hygiene room accessorizes

Kempinsky Hotel and Sheraton Hotel which have branches in Nairobi and Kampala respectively,pays the workers about Ksh.200 per room cleaned.

Despite being aware of the hygiene breach, the cleaners brush it over as they look to wash more hotel rooms which charges guests about Ksh.22,000 and Ksh.45,000 per night.

The disturbing video was captured by an undercover journalist who posed as an intern in several high end Chinese hotels.

The cleaners confessed to the journalist that they were aware of the breach but went about their business. The hotels involved have been so far fined unknown fines




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