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Is Jacob Zuma Spending So Much On His 4 Wives Than The State?

Jacob Zuma when he finally leaves office will be remembered both for the rare way he got into power as well as the numerous gaffes that have filled his political life especially.


He is easily the most scandalous of the three black men to have rose into the highest office in South Africa. More than anything else he is easily the one who has greatly used public money for private needs. He spent about KES 8 billion on renovations at his house and a splashed 11 lavish cars worth 54 million on his four wives.

The 11 cars include 4 range rovers, 3 Audi A6s, 2 Audi Q7s and 2 Land Rover Discoveries. All this was from public money some of which he has pledged to pay back. His excuse for the house renovation borders on the hilarious saying a lavish swimming pool was needed to help in fire fighting while a huge amphitheater was needed to fight soil erosion.

The home features two perimeter fences and, a number of helipads, underground rooms as well as other multiple properties for his large families since the husband of four has also sired 22 children.

Below is his expansive and luxurious home and samples of the cars he got his wives.

Range Rover




Zuma’s Home




Audi 6



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