Suzana Owinyo Has Found The Photo That Gave Her More Than 1000 Moments

Kisumu Ber and Wamiel songbird Suzana Owiyo has more than 1000 words to describe how happy she is after receiving a photo that she could not afford to wait any longer.

Suzanna owiyo 8g

When Barack Obama made a historic visit to Kenya, it was the moment she sold her assets of music to the world, Kenya is part of the world for those who do not come from Kisumo.

She got a moment to share the same number of pixels with Barack Obama. But getting back the photo was actually the nightmare for her.

Not until 2 years down is when he photo arrived.


The 46 year old singer could not hide her joyous moment

“Finally my long awaited photo has landed. This is one of my impeccable moments in my life during President Obama historical visit in July 2015. Photo was taken after his speech in Kasarani. It was such an honor to perform for you ‘Jakogelo’, fellow Kenyans & the entire world.”


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