TBT When Janet Mbugua’s Hubby Was TV Presenter

Former Citizen TV presenter Janet Mbugua’s husband Eddie Ndichu took their fans down the memory lane when he revealed about his prowess when he was a TV presnter at NTV with co-host Sanaipei Tande

“#TBT 🙄 when i decided to start modelling and hosting TV shows while looking for a job 🙄 woiii @sanaipeitande was a complete natural and has never changed while sisi tuliforce na sasa tumezeeka na mpaka kipara! Nione mtu akicheka 😤 nitacatch! Wherever you are in life, trust your journey and in God,” wrote Eddie on Instagram.

Eddie and Sanaipei Tande hosted a show dubbed ‘The Director’s Cut’ which aired on NTV. The show was all about reviewing movies.

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