The Baby That Was Born Four Years After The Death Of His Parents

A Chinese baby named Tiantian was born four years after his parents died in a car accident, reports The Beijing News.

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And although it is not a kind of miracle, it was a long battle. The boy’s grandparents managed to keep four frozen embryos of their children to develop in the womb of a surrogate mother.

Shen Jie and Liu Xi, who were married for two years, had begun to try artificial insemination to have a baby. However, five days before the first embryo was transplanted to Liu, they died in the aforementioned accident in the Chinese coastal province of Jiangsu.

Finally, in January of last year, the grandparents found to surrogate mother in Laos – in China, surrogacy is illegal.

Tiantian, meaning “sweetness”, was born last December in a hospital in Guangzhou. And in March, meanwhile, the family celebrated his  first 100 days of life with an intimate reception

Of course, the mess has not stopped altogether for the grandparents, because they must present DNA evidence to prove their kinship to keep custody of the child.

And as for the upbringing, the custodians will tell the child that their parents are traveling, until they are older. “This boy is destined to be sad from his arrival in the world, other babies have their fathers and mothers, but he does not, we will definitely tell him in the future,” Shen Xinan, father of Shen, said. Jie.



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