The controversial Hand of God

The Hand of God is the name of a highly controversial goal scored by Argentinian legend Diego Maradona in a match between Argentina and England. It took place in the 1986 FIFA World Cup celebrated in Mexico. This took place at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. Many matches are played at the great Azteca Stadium, and by visiting – make bet in ke it is possible to wager on them.

Maradona stated after the match that he scored the goal with “a little with the head and a little with the Hand of God”. This is the phrase from which this controversial occurrence would be known later on. Of course, even today this is a highly controversial topic in the world of football. Yet, it is still something that it is worth remembering. Those unusual occurrences that can take place in football matches across the world are available to make bet in 1xBet ke from Kenya, which offers great odds.

How did the goal look like

The match was very even, ending 0-0 after the first half. Maradona began to unbalance the match, and when he ran the 6th minute of the second half, one of the most controversial plays in the history of football. While waiting for the FIFA World Cup, it is always a good idea to visit to enjoy great games.

The play started as follows. Maradona took the ball from his own penalty box. He then passed it to Jorge Valdano. However, this pass was intercepted by English defender Steve Hodge. He threw the ball straight up in order to clear it and allow England to better defend itself.

In any other situation, Maradona would have been out of play. However, to his surprise, he found himself inside the penalty box with the ball falling over him. He, alongside English goalkeeper Peter Shilton ran towards this ball. Hilton was 20 centimeters taller than Maradona, but this wasn’t a problem for the Argentinian, because he jumped with his hand in the air. He hit the ball, and it went straight into the goal. Maradona looked at the referee, and started to celebrate once he saw that he validated the goal. Whenever a FIFA World Cup takes place, it is always a good idea to visit the 1xBet site to wager on its matches.

Other controversial goals of the same kind

Maradona was not the first player to score a goal with his hand. By downloading the 1xBet apk it is possible to wager on whether these goals will happen again. Other players who at some moment were in the eye of the hurricane include:

  • Luis Suárez;
  • Raúl Ruidíaz;
  • and Thierry Henry.

All of them made some controversial plays with their hands. In some cases they were punished by their acts, and in others they weren’t. Downloading the apk 1xBet allows people to wager on exciting matches with great and controversial goals from Android smartphones and tablets.

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