The Most Daring Dresses 10 Celebrities Have Ever Worn

Sometimes you will step out of your dressing feeling unease, and just step back and do an overhaul of everything, but very few will just proceed and go ahead.

It takes a big courage, to step out on ‘half’ naked looking clothes, it takes few celebs who knows how to contain their adrenaline.

Let us have 10 such celebs, who just looked out in daring outfits

Esther Passaris

She is vying for Nairobi Women rep under the ODM umbrella which is under NASA coalition, she has been a critic of how she has been dressing, with some critics seeing her as a bad example to a clean African dressing

Image result for esther passaris dress

Image result for esther passaris dress

Image result for esther passaris dress

Lupita Nyong’o

Kenya’s top international actress, has never come under strong fashion criticism like this fashion goof, she stepped out in something that was not good enough of her reputation

Image result for lupita nyong'o car

Vera Sidika

She is such a high flying socialite, and many of her outfits have been so reavaling, with examples of such cameltoe tight fitting clothes, stepping with them out of her room

Image result for vera sidika camel toe

Huddah Monroe

Just like Vera, Huddah has been naked on internet and in public, leaving so much less to be imagined of

Image result for huddah monroe camel toe


Akothee with a short coat, too small if you compare to what she is wearing as the main clothes, The secular musician has been on the verge with bikinis

Image result for akothee camel toe

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