These Epic Kenyan Wedding Fails Will Make You Cringe And Laugh At The Same Time

Wedding day, is that day a woman dreams before it comes, and never wish to forget after it has passed.

For men, this is a day they never dream for, and most wish to forget it once it passes.

In Kenya, a typical wedding begins from planning championed by wedding committee, followed by the matrerial day and a honeymood thereafter. What is left is rather a wedding anniversary, which is celebrated on each day of the same wedding day after a year.

We look at the material wedding day, especially where Kenyans show their ‘creativity’ when they pose for wedding snaps.

Fortunately or not, some of the poses end up looking awkward contrary to the initial idea.

The photos below do not lie!

Kickboxer Hubby

Assassin wife

Just check if parents are stalking

Rem Wheelbarrow that costed a county more than sh.100,000 each?

When acrobatic couple wed

This couple can give each other ‘kiss of life’

When your crash is among the best men

Upside down kiss beats gravity and sense

When you leave next to a border, you must use a boda boda

How to confuse enemies at your wedding

When a woman decides a posture vs when a man decides a posture

When pastor weds choir member

When you inspired by an ostrich

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