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This Is What All Heart Emoji With Different Colours On WhatsApp Really Mean

Have you ever wondered why there are so many emojis of heart in your phone? It turns out that each color has a specific meaning.

So what do they mean? With the help of Emojipedia, here is the importance of each of these heart emojis:

Red heart

. This classic represents true love.



Black heart .

Used in the context opposite to the red heart, this black icon can represent sadness. Some Internet users select it when they try to express a form of black humor.





Yellow heart .

When the shape is yellow, it means happiness and friendship.



Green Heart .

Another name for this icon is the “emoji of the jealous heart”.

In addition to indicating feelings of jealousy, sometimes it has connotations of an organic and healthy life.



Violet heart .

When users of social networks share photos of their makeup or sets, they often label it with a violet heart.





Blue Heart .

It can symbolize trust, harmony, peace and loyalty.



Heart with stars .

Often users on Instagram use it to draw attention to their publications.



Heart beating .

It is often used by those who have butterflies in their stomachs.



Growing heart .

The pink emoji, which looks like a heart inside the other, has been created to give the impression of a heart that increases in size.

Sometimes it is used by people who feel that they are falling in love.



Two hearts .

When one heart is not enough, use two to show how much you love someone or something.

It can be used to represent various types of love.



Heart with arrow .

It means that love arrived thanks to the arrow of Cupid.



Heart with ribbon .

It really is a gift, a box in the shape of a heart.


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