Top 10 Companies Where Most Kenyans Want To Be Employed

When vacancies are advertised, these firms record massive job application from interested Kenyans.

These firms also carry out mass or massive job recruitment across the 47 counties hiring as much as more than 1000 recruits in a single recruitment exercise.

These firms are also most preferred by recent Kenyan graduates who had envisioned them as their dream employer while still studying.

Below are the top most preferred firms In Kenya which usually carry out massive job recruitment exercise across the country


Safaricom is one of the most leading firms when it comes to job recruitment and hiring. Besides it is also most loved employer by applicants due to its wide coverage and massive job slots

2.Kenya Defence Forces and Kenya Police

Kenya’s inland and outside security government agency is also a preference for those who have just done their KCSE or even those in varsity.

3.Naivas and Tuskys

Supermarket chains are also another huge herding ground for job seekers due to their low job requirements. Besides they pay well and hire as many as 1000 recruits in a single year

4.County Governments

Newly created county governments which are 47 in number is also another job lucrative herb.

They are famed for their good salaries and allowances

5.Government institutions and Agencies

Governmental institutions and agencies are also a good environment for job seekers due to their ability to get loans, good salary and massive job allowances

6.UN Habitat Nairobi

Talk about job rights, employee care and best firm that loves their employees and UN is the place to be in Kenya

7. Standard, Royal Media and Nation Media Group

These top media houses are most looked up by graduates as the best training ground for upcoming talentd

8.Equity Bank

It is famed because pays early enough, takes in raw materials fresh from school to train and give out finished products

9.Coca Cola

Beverage firm which spans across the world is also loved by many due its world-wide influence

10.Total and Toyota

Total oil firm and Toyota motor firms are also lucrative deals to sign for Kenya employees due to their influence in respective markets

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