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Top 10 Richest Kenyans In 2018

Even though Kenya has listed only one billion dollar tycoon Vimal Shah as the richest person in Kenya, he denied the claims that he was worth such a measure. If indeed it was true, then he is the only richest 1 billion dollar Kenyan in the whole world.

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But for million dollar tycoons, we have atleast 20 known Kenyans in that rank.

The richest person in the world current is Bill Gates, with a staggering wealth of more than 83 billion dollars.

We have compiled a list of 20 rich Kenyans we believe they are the richest Kenyans as of 2018.

The list is entirely made up of tycoons from business entities, politics and other relevant fields which are money magnets

  1. Swaleh Nguru –                Investments, Ranching, Real estate, Sisal
  2. Bhimji Depar Shah –        Nairobi Investments
  3. Ramon Kariuki Jr –           Banking, dairy processing, tire manufacture, transportation
  4. Uhuru Kenyatta & Family – Banking, hotels, dairy processing, real estate
  5. Chris Kirubi –                  Broadcasting, investments, real estate
  6. Lumumba Washika –      Nairobi Business, investments, Politics
  7. Atul Shah –                     Nakumatt Supermarkets
  8. The Makuha Kago Family – Naivas Supermarkets
  9. Peter Kahara Munga –    Investments, real estate
  10. James Mwangi & Family – Equity Bank Group, investments, real estate
  11. Raila Odinga & Family – Petroleum products storage, manufacturing, industrial gas storage, ethanol
  12. Manu Chandaria-          Comfraft Group of Companies, steel manufacturing, banking, real estate
  13. Abdulkadir Ghedi –       Cement manufacture, Athi River Mining




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