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Top 10 Searched Items By Kenyans On Google In 2019 February

In February 2019, CRB, Weight and Tala loans topped the most searched Items on Google Search Engine.

NSSF and MPESA also were other items Kenyans were looking on internet.

Recently done song by Tanzanian music star ‘Tetema’ also received huge search engine mentions in February .

Top 10 most searched Items by Kenyans on Google Trends 2019 February

Top Trending Searches

1. Chelsea vs. Manchester United
2. Manchester United vs. PSG
3. ‘Tetema’ by Diamond
4. Valentine’s Day quotes
5. Europa League
6. Caroline Mwatha
7. Kenya Universities Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)
8. Mildred Odira
10. Karl Lagerfeld

Top How to Searches

1. How to check CRB status
2. How to lose weight
3. How to pay Tala loan
4. How to pay NHIF via M-Pesa
5. How to make pancakes
6. How to hack a phone
7. How to cook mandazi
8. How to create a website
9. How to make spaghetti
10. How to get M-Pesa statement

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