Top 15 Kenyan Companies Which Pay Well Intern Students

University or college students often get their first job experience through internships and attachments directly linked to their career they are studying.

This also presents a good opportunity to get job hunting skills and test of effects of high rate of unemployment in Kenya. Besides students also get equipped with the knowledge of how to step out of the classroom to the reality.

For entry students into the market, most firms allow such categories as volunteering, probono, training, allowances or if you lucky salaried internship.

For those who looking to apply internships or secure attachments in salaried firms where students are paid at work, here is a list of companies in Kenya you are guaranteed to secure a training program as a job.

1.Top Kenyan Dailies- Daily Nation, Standard Group and The Star

These Dailies pay well their interns based on the stories they write, or number of occasions they are published.

If you want to be paid, avoid working in the newsroom as an editor, step out and report from the ground.

On a good ground, you could pocket more than sh.40,000 if you are a good writer.

2.County Governments

Interestingly, it is easier to get paid as an intern working with the county government than working with the national government.

Most national governments do not pay students attached to their premises.

While County Governments pay as much as sh.30,000 for their interns. Sometimes they specify how much their interns would be paid.


Cytonn is one of the most active intern and attachment student recruiting firm. Cytonn investment also has a good reputation of giving their interns a good allowance to cater for their needs

4.Java House

Java House is a good hunting ground for students who are looking to start a career in the hospitality sector.

With branches across East Africa, they pay interns same way they would pay employees though only based on entry level.

5.Top Kenyan Banks

Equity Bank, NIC, KCB, Coop among other top banks pay well their intern students.

Infact banks such as Equity Bank have a system where they pick their employees straight from form four graduates, trained and salaried even when still in training classes.


Safaricom, despite its huge and vast dominance, is proud to pay its intern students. unlike most f big firms in Kenya who take pride in not paying interns

7.Bidco and Chandaria

Bidco and Chandaria are also lucrative job sectors with a good pay for their trainee students. Besides they have opportunities in wide areas

8.Energy firms

Shell, Vivo and Total Kenya are top leading firms in taking care of interns. They also have trainee programs for their students to learn before being brought on board

9.Toyota Kenya and DT Dobie

These two leading motor dealer firms besides having trainee opportuntis, pay students who are working as interns

10.Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways who train their workers right from the grassroot, also have a good reputation of payimg them before full-time employment

11.EABL and KBL

The alcoholic brands do not only pay their interns, but also give them drinking allowances!


If you worked in the sales department, no doubt deal closed will earn you a good salary. Check in with Britam or Jubilee Insurance and you good to start a career.

13.Kenya security sector

Kenya Defence Forces, National Youth Service and Kenyan Police pay recruits moments they are confirmed, during training and even while not yet enrolled on duties

14.Coca Cola

One of the leading firm in beverages, is also a lucrative venture for interns looking to begin their career kick-start.

Coca Cola pay their interns well.


After public demand few years ago, United Nations began paying their intern students across the globe. Initially they did not even a single penny.

Ideally in Kenya they pay from about sh.10,000.

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