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Top 15 Objects That Are Aiding Spread Of Corona Virus

As we wash our hands  let us also remember to constantly clean and disinfect the above surfaces / items.

Honestly washing hands and then after you again hold a dirty / contaminated surface will be a risky move.

At entrance of the building you realize that people come holding their phones then they pocket the phones ….then sanitize their hands and again hold the same phone after sanitizing … So will sanitizing without disinfecting the objects we frequently touch be effective way to control spread of virus and bacteria? Think about it.

If you find a public hand washing place, first wash the handle of the tap before you wash your own hands.

This should be so because as you finish to wash, you may again pick the virus as you try to close the tap.

Top 15 Objects That Are Aiding Spread Of Corona Virus

1. Phone handsets📱📞

2. Door handles of cars/ house/toilet/fridge

3. TV remotes

4. Taps shutter/opener🚰

5. Table surfaces.

6. Bag handles

7. Computer Mouse🖱

8. Money ie paper notes💵💴💶💰

9. Lift/elevator buttons

10. Keys. 🔑🗝

11. Biometric Scanners in banks.

12. ATMs buttons

13. Pens 🖊 / Document Files / photocopying documents

14. Buvelas (polythene bags) / packaging materials

15. Boda boda seat covers

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