Top 5 Android browsers

When it comes to cell phone internet browsing, Android makes it easy for it’s users. Android fans can really enjoy high speed browsing and free sync with PCs and the support of flash in most of them.

Here is a list of 5 Top Android Browsers.

1.  OverSkreen

This browser can launch multiple browser windows that run independently and concurrently with other apps, it can also utilizes the screen space of your phone by overlaying a window on other apps, which can be resized, moved, minimized or focused whenever needed. When you browse through social networks and simultaneously watch some videos and it supports flash.

2.  Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile browser has the HTML5 capabilities, which enable the perfect multimedia support among others. It compresses your data before it sends to you and has smooth navigation and moreover helps you to put a break on your data. The great thing about it is that it supports flash.

3.  Chrome

Although the Chrome for Android lacks adobe flash support, it’s one of the fastest growing browsers in the world. Chrome for Android sync almost everything from your bookmarks, tabs to search. It has recently added security features including a better sandboxing.

4.  Firefox
People seem to prefer the desktop version of Firefox for Android, but back to the cell phone it has the best extensions available in the browser group (includes LastPass, Evernote and Adblock). The best feature about this browser is its ability to sync easily with computer.

5.  Dolphin Browser

Android users favour it because it has a support of dozen of third party plug-in, it also has a complete set of features including auto –fill searches, on screen custom gestures, cool voice control features and much more, without a slightest drop in performance.

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