Top Kenyan Secular Rapper Turns To Jesus And Drops A Gospel

No more x-rated lyrics from Kenyan rapper Bobby Mapesa as he turns to God for salvation. The rapper who is known for his tracks such as Wezere, Gwara Winch, Mtoto Mzuri and many others has decided to become a gospel minister.
“Unajiitaje Bobby Mapesa Na Hauna Kakitu!” P-Unit Viciously Attack Bobby Mapesa

The Kenyan rapper who has been in the industry for almost a decade has today released his first ever gospel track. According to him, the track which has been titled “NISAMEHE” is an expression of how he feels about his music journey from when he began till now.

Below is the gospel hip hop track which was produced by Jesse of Revive Media. Check out the video then let us know what you think.

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