Trimo Security By Detective Jane Mugo Hiring In 8 Sections

The high rate of unemployment, tribalism, nepotism and ignorance in our country are the major factors/reasons forcing Bn many youths to get involved in crimes.
COVID-19 pandemic has even made things worse than it was. People have lost jobs and many are trying to make a living committing crime by Stealing, obtaining money by false pretenses, kidnapping, selling of illegal drugs.
We are now entering the political season, politicians will even use jobless youths in their games of cyber bullying opponents or as goons.
As I had promised my followers that I will be sharing job opportunities on behalf individuals and companies, here are some job vacancies you may want to apply.
Kindly, don’t apply if you already have a job, doing so will just be blocking jobless people from getting employed.

  1. Private Investigator.
  2. Qualified Close Protection Officers (CPO) -Bodyguard
  3. Secretary Position ( Driving License will be an added advantage)
  4. Saloonist & Barbers
  5. Driver ( Over five years of experience)
  6. Sales & Marketing experts.
  7. House Assistant(Maid) who will work in a rural home in Mt. Kenya.
  8. Software Developer
    Academic Qualifications
    Bachelorā€™s degree in Computer Science/Electronics or a related field.
  • Good understanding of SQL language and should be able to write queries in the same
    e.g. JOINS and GROUP BY.
  • Building full-stack solutions incorporating web front-end in React or Angular, mid-tier
    application logic and databases, ideally both relational and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in working using Agile tools such as Azure DevOps or Jira and using Git plus
    CI/CD tools are a plus.
  • 3+ years software industry experience spanning server/service development and web
    client development.
    i) Building knowledge of and working with cutting-edge and pre-release solutions.
    ii) Iterate quickly on proof of concepts to evaluate technology fits for customer needs.
    iii) Design and develop large-scale distributed software services and solutions.
    iv) Implement solutions through well-defined interfaces across multiple components, code reviews, and leveraging data/telemetry to make decisions.
    v) Design and implement test coverage for services, as well as organizes and implements
    NB/ Closing Date of Application: 22nd July 2021
  1. Music Tutors
    Location – Music School in Thika
    Job – Part-time.
    Job Summary: Aberdare School of Music and Performing Arts has opportunities for musician assistants to work in our band, string and vocal programs. Teacher assistants are needed in the following areas;
  2. DJs
  3. Playing of the Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin or any other instruments.
  4. Videography & Photography.
  5. Music Production and sound Engineering.
  6. Dance.
  7. TV & Film Production
    Hours per week will depend on the individual assignment.
    They will be negotiated at discretion of the classroom teacher and music coordinator.
    Applicants must be highly proficient on their individual instrument as well as having a working knowledge of pedagogy and musicianship.
    They will be assigned to assist the classroom teacher in working with smaller sections and individual students.
    Salary is Negotiable . Dont pay anyone to get employment. My company doing this for free.
    NB/ Interested applicants should contact 0111 819 000 on or before 25th July 2021 for Aberdare School vacancies. Rest what’s up 0722 237547. Office 0707733320.
    Submit your application to

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