Types Of Difficult Bosses

 Types of difficult bosses

1. The micro-manager

2. The procrastinator

3. The incompetent boss

4. The ‘bossy’ boss

5. The abuser

6. The lazy boss

7. The competitive boss


1. The micro-manager

a. He/she is on your neck to check every little detail. They give you no leeway to work on your own.

b. They are afraid to lose control.


How to handle a micro-manager

a. Make him/her feel comfortable.

b. Always make sure you give him/her what he/she wants.

c. Ensure that you give him/her progress report on whichever task they give you.

d. NEVER withhold information from a micro-manager.


2. The procrastinator

a. These are bosses who are always terrified with arriving at a decision.

b. They never make up their mind on an issue. They consult everyone before arriving at a simple decision. By so doing, you spend so much time doing your job if the progress of your job depends on that simple decision.


How to handle a procrastinator

a. Make sure you make an input in the decision-making process.

b. Consult him regularly when you arrive at a decision. Don’t wait till the ‘last minute’.


3. The ‘incompetent’ boss

a. He/she is new on the job or industry.

b. He/she comes to you very regularly asking about things you expect them to have known in their capacity.


How to handle an ‘incompetent’ boss

a. Make yourself approachable.

b. Their dependence on you for information shouldn’t make you think you know more than they do.

c. Don’t make yourself ‘boss’ over him/her. Else, you will hurt your career.


4. The ‘bossy’ boss

a. They are domineering.

b. They are not open for input from you.

c. They make no room for proactivity on the part of their subordinates.


How to handle a ‘bossy’ boss

a. Take notes when you’re given a task, and email them for confirmation. This will help you to do just what they want done.

b. Always make sure you do your work, and do it well.

c. Never use the word, ‘can’t’. He/she believes you can do everything.


5. The abuser

a. He/she insults and yells at you at the least provocation.

b. They never apologise when they are wrong.


How to handle an abusive boss

a. You have to be calm when dealing with them.

b. You can’t fight and win over an abuser. You may be thought to be stupid. But it’s better that way than to be ‘wise’ and fight back.


6. The lazy boss

a. He/she shows no interest in the good of the organisation.

b. He is always reading newspapers, drinking tea and/or coffee, and doing nothing productive.


How to handle a lazy boss

a. Do your best on the job.

b. You may have to assume more responsibilities than necessary.

c. Don’t make it known to superiors that you’re the one responsible for everything because your boss is lazy.


7. The competitive boss

a. He/she is always competing with you because he/she thinks you might take their job from them.

b. He/she looks down on you.

c. He/she says nothing good about you.

d. He/she thinks you’re good for nothing.

e. His/her feedback is always negative.


How to handle a competitive boss

a. Assure him/her that you’re not in for his/her position.

b. To some extent, give the credit to him/her when you’re praised for a good job.

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