Video-Jubilee Should Look For This Toddler After Watching What He Did To NASA

A video of a young toddle, has gone viral and it is for the best reason for the side of Jubilee, but not NASA’s side.

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The video shows a little toddle swaying to the voice over girl singing ‘Jubilee’ and ‘NASA’ in rhythmn.

Shockingly, the oblivion toddle sways in support of Jubilee and is numb when the girl does a NASA chorus.

The video has since attracted more than 5000 Facebook impressions since it was posted few hours ago today by a viral blogger Robert Alai.

Even babies can't feel this NASA nonsense. They shriek when they hear the name NASA but are so jubilated with Jubilee. Tafadhali rescue NASA.

Posted by Robert Alai Onyango on Monday, June 12, 2017

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