Wanyama Reveals Visiting Hospitalized Kids In London Hastened His Recovery Program

Kenyan midfielder playing for English top club Totenham Hotspur has revealed that visiting sick kids in a London Hospital helped him to recover faster than he had anticipated after getting an inspiration from them.

Wanyama raises money for ill children in his native country - they responded with support

Writing to UK based paper, Victor Wanyama says that the kids did not only motivate him, but made him heal faster than he had thought.

Before Christmas though we visited Barnet Hospital and I saw small children who were very down, very sick, yet when they saw us they had big smiles on their faces. They gave such a positive vibe. Then I said to myself, ‘Victor, your problem is so very small’

It was a Sunday, we played a little football and went on a few fun fair rides. He was so happy and that made me feel amazing. My knee troubled my mind yet I was at peace helping those children.

He low key moment came when Totenham were playing Real Madrid as he watched from the stands, he wished he could play, but it was not possible.

His journey to visit sick kids did not only start in Europe, it started here in Kenya when he began an initiative to help kids affected with Cancer

In my country Kenya, I have been to see young children suffering with cancer. I help them to raise money for treatment.

One boy was having his third stage of chemotherapy. Spending that day with him, I could feel his pain. He was so fragile. Watching him go through what he did was so moving yet he appreciated me being there so much.

Wanyama notes that this is his worst case of an injury at White Hart Lane, the injury which came in August against Chelsea and saw him make a return in December 2017 the same year.

Back at home, he was also inspired by street fans who held a peaceful demo to show him support and encouragement towards his injury problem.

Wanyama has now made a full return to Mauricio Pochettinos side.

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