Western Media Bank On Transfer Periods To Spread Fake News

In Europe, transfer of players from one club to another often dubbed signing normally happen occasionally in the months of January and August with the latter being the biggest transfer occasion.

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For the fans and clubs, this is the best time to do business and boost their revenue and squad, but for the Western media led by British media, this is a perfect timing to spread fake news which are unverified and picked from romours.

Whether this is a matter of concern or not, it underscores the true purpose of the practice of ethical and high standards of professional journalism. It is hard to understand why such well established big media houses have thrown their credibility under the carpet for the sake of spreading romours across Europe and the rest of the world.

Fans will agree with me that during these periods of transfer, it is hard to trust any media house when a player is mentioned towards or away from their club. Well versed fans will rather stick with the club’ news platform or TV, social media platforms to get any credible news on the sell and buy of a player.

But how do these popular media houses benefit from peddling fake news and romours, let us get behind the scenes of the dirty game.

Say for example, Say Chelsea want to buy Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal FC. Chelsea and Arsenal will throw in their cards and see who wins at the end of the transfer.

Chelsea might decide to tip off a journalist who will report that they want to sign Alex Sanchez, But to make Arsenal not to over-prize their player, Chelsea will tip off another sports reporter to report that they have found a better option for Sanchez. Whether it is true or not, Arsenal will be tricked to think that they might lose the business hence bring down their valuation cost.

The tip offs come with freebies to reporters, who add salt to make the story look more sweet.

Also as of another case, Sanchez might want to leave Arsenal, by use of his agent, he will send out codes that he wants to leave, and purport that he has been linked with several clubs, all these unconfirmed, would go viral when it lands to the desks of rogue sports reporters. Since it helps them sell papers and get views online.

Player agents have also been known to be sources of fake news and romours, who want to get extra coins by tipping off thirsty reporters.

When all these unconfirmed reports is reported and re-reported over millions of news outlets, fanhood base is left helpless and feel betrayed by the same media houses which should be telling the truth and verified news.

By Simon Ingari




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