What The Letters Of Different Models Of Samsung Phones Mean

Samsung is one of the companies that sells the most phones in the world, but this is because the South Korean company practically covers all the ranges and destines different series depending on the target to which they are directed.

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In Samsung phones we can find the Galaxy S, N, J, A, Y, W, C, E, Tab, M, etc. But do you know what each of the letters that identify the series of the Samsung Galaxy mean?

Let’s start with the company’s most powerful ranges, the popular Galaxy S and N, two high-end series including the latest developments of the Korean company.

On the one hand we have the S series, which means Super Smart, or super smart, hence the price of these phones exceeds sh.60,000 . This has been the most popular range of Samsung and this year will be the first Galaxy S +, which means that the Galaxy S8 + will be the most powerful phone of the South Koreans.

The Galaxy N stands for Note. It is a bit obvious because the company already presents its devices with this name, the last of them was the Galaxy Note 7, although during this year it is rumored that there will be a new version of this range in which Samsung will take special care to present A device of high characteristics that could even surpass the Galaxy S8.

The series A is another of the series that has received more popularity in America and Europe, whose meaning is Alpha. These smartphones belong to the medium / high range and prices
On the other hand the Galaxy J, or Joy (joy) are the equipment destined to the mid-range, in fact they are very similar in design to the Galaxy A, but its specifications are much smaller in relation to this series
The low range for markets are the Galaxy Y, which means Young or Young. As its name says it is intended for young people looking to start their life with a smartphone in their pocket
Tablets are no exception, and you can also find these prefixes in your models like Tab S, Tab A or Tab E. The term “Tab” refers to the tablet, and the corresponding letter will tell you the range to which each tablet belongs one of them.

There are more series that are only sold in certain markets, as Galaxy E (Elevation / mid range), Galaxy R (Royal / mid-high range), Galaxy C Medium-high), Galaxy W (Wonder / midrange) and Galaxy M (Magical / low range).

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