WhatsApp Versions You Should Never Download

WhatsApp is the most used mobile application in the world, that is why the main threat of this app is the pirated versions that have hit the market offering everything that the original offers, as well as more tempting offers to attract customers to your platform.

WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp are two of the most famous illegal versions, as there are many more that pretend to be called “beta versions” of the original.

The fame of these pirated applications is that it includes the same as the original, but with features and functions that the original version does not have and they have been highly regarded by users.

For example, eliminate the option of the blue “double check” in the messages, so that you can see the messages they send you without leaving evidence.

It is also possible to see the statuses without being reflected, in addition to programming messages and autoresponders.

As tempting as the idea of ​​enjoying these forbidden options may be, your account could be suspended by WhatsApp.

This is because the company has made it very clear that sanctions will be applied to those who incur in using the services of these versions.

The company sent a statement assuring that they have nothing to do with these versions and that it is not responsible if your personal information is used for other purposes.

This has already happened to users who used the pirated versions and their bank accounts, email accounts and more were hacked.

The penalty for not giving up the use of these malicious versions could suspend your user for a few days as a warning, but if you continue using them, the company could suspend your account indefinitely

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