Willis Raburu’s Dress To ‘Kill’ Viewers Backfires

There have been claims that male anchors in Kenya borrow outfits from colleagues just before going on air, this so far has been proved beyond imaginary doubts.

Among the items borrowed by these newsmen are coats, tie, shirts, wrist watches, sneakers and even trousers.

And the latest victim is the prominent Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu. who borrowed just a coat and a tie to read news.

When he is seated, it will not be easy to notice his fashion flop, but a studio photo that was revealed online proved the case right.

Raburu is seen in a tie, shirt and black coat on jeans, never before we have seen this kind of fashion in media industry.

Other anchors who have been accused of this habit are Citizen TV’s Nimrod Taabu and Swaleh Mdoe.


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