Scientist Inch Closer To A Fat Burning Tissue


Brown or brown fat, as opposed to white fat, has, among other functions, thermogenesis. That is, it is the one that is responsible for burning calories both to warm our body when it is cold, and to produce energy for exercise.

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To date, it was thought that humans had very little, but now a new research by the Munich University has revealed that we have three times more than we thought.

The finding is really important because it opens the door to creating new treatments against obesity, which act by stimulating that brown fat to burn calories and eliminate excess weight.

The bad news is that researchers have discovered that brown fat does not work with the same effectiveness in all people. They estimate that about 5% of the population is blessed with the gift that their brown fat deposits are almost constantly activated. That would explain, according to the study’s authors, why some people gain weight just by eating a sweet, while others remain thin despite committing excesses.

What is currently unknown is the cause of this unfair disparity between metabolisms.




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